The Secret World GDC 2012 Presentation Video

Yayınlandı: 21 Mart 2012 malagand tarafından mmorpg içinde

The Secret World GDC 2012 Presentation Video

Funcom released a new video today for The Secret World from their press presentation at GDC 2012, which was held behind closed doors, and so far unseen by the public.  The video is about 35 mins long, and walks players through the character creation process; as well as some of the early game experience, game systems, and “The Darkness War” dungeon.

In the video we see the Dragon faction’s starting area, as the female player finds a weird kid in a rain-coat standing in-front of her upon first login; then begins to follow him. The game then takes a very quick turn into a sort of lesbian-matrix reveal where a women tells you, in the same way Morphius told Neo, that what you think is true and real, really isn’t. At this point you have sex with the woman. Yes, very weird.

Up next the video skips forward to the Tokyo flashback quickly, then switches again to show combat mechanics. Here we learn that there are 500 abilities that players can use their points on, but players will have to select only 7 active abilities and 7 passive ones for their character builds.

As the video progresses we see a containment camp, where a government field team is trying to contain something called the “Filth”.  We get to learn a  little more about the Filth via the voiced cut-scene, then the video moves on to a quest in the same area.

The next part of the video takes us to Transylvania where we get to see some vampire fights.  We also hear more about the crafting system, called transcribing, where players break-down items they find in the game and rebuild them to fit their needs.

Towards the end of the video, the last 7 mins or so, we get to see one of the dungeons, called “The Darkness War”, which is a five-man dungeon. This instance sends players back to the past in England, about a thousand years, and in the video we get to see the final boss fight. The boss is a giant bore like animal with huge dragon wings.

Below you can watch the full video presentation.


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